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Don’t Let Calculus Become a Replacement for the SAT 

After years of debates over their validity, the SAT and ACT were removed quite abruptly last year from most colleges’ admissions requirements. Though their elimination—spurred by the cancellation of test … More

End Tracking to Put Math Education Back on Track

Tracking in mathematics has been a practice in U.S. schools for decades, but it hasn’t always been the subject of candid conversation. Along with increased attention to systemic racism in … More

Don’t Forget Equity When Reforming Postsecondary Math

A recent report analyzing how and whether reforms to postsecondary mathematics are advancing equity carries important lessons for those of us working to reverse decades of inequitable math outcomes. Before … More

My Journey to Teaching Social Justice Math

The teaching aha moment came to me in a CrossFit class in Southern California. Gary, the trainer and gym owner, was so good at helping people meet their goals that … More