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Why Calculus? Why Indeed?

Why does high school calculus, generally AP Calculus, play such an outsize role in the access to competitive colleges? And should it?  Clearly the reason for the dominance of Calculus … More

College Admissions and Equitable Math Opportunity

College admissions requirements have a complex relationship with high school opportunity:  On the one hand, colleges’ course-taking requirements can be a lever for improving the availability of rigorous high school … More

Can Math Be a Vehicle for Social Justice?

“Why should anyone care about mathematics if it doesn’t connect deeply to some human desire: to play, seek truth, pursue beauty, fight for justice?” wondered Francis Su, former president of … More

Re-thinking the Role of Algebra 2 in College Readiness

Algebra 2 course-taking in high school has long been viewed as a key predictor of future college enrollment. However, that link stems primarily from higher education policies that traditionally required … More