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Is Remedial Math Going the Way of the Dinosaur?

A stunning drop in remedial math enrollments at community colleges across the country makes clear that a set of reforms designed to eliminate arbitrary barriers to student success are having … More

A Quiet Revolt Reshaping the Pathway to College

Check out our founder, Pamela Burdman’s article in EdSource about a new data science course being offered to high school students in Los Angeles and several other districts. While engaging … More

Podcast: This Week in California Education

In this episode of “This Week in California Education,” EdSource Executive Director Louis Freedberg and Editor-at-Large John Fensterwald interview Pamela Burdman. They discuss CSU’s plan to reduce barriers to graduation … More

Cal State to End Placement Exams

Inside Higher Ed’s Ashley Smith, speaks with Pam about Cal State’s plan to eliminate placement exams as part of its Graduation Initiative 2025 – and explores the genesis and potential impact of the new policy.

At Cal State, Algebra is a Civil Rights Issue

In this 2017 commentary in EdSource, Opportunity Institute President Christopher Edley, Jr. expounds on the “dirty secret” of arbitrary math requirements and why exclusionary math policies may violate the Equal … More

Getting Rid of Placement Exams

In this article, Mikhail Zinshteyn quotes Pamela Burdman discussing the high-stakes nature of placement exams and the tens of thousands of California community college students that were being placed into … More