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Architects of Math Opportunity: Designing High School Math Pathways for Equity

Mathematics may seem timeless, but the way it’s being taught isn’t keeping up with the times. Current course sequences — or math pathways — create barriers to opportunity for large numbers of students and include difficult but obsolete topics that are not relevant to many students’ aspirations. 

In this webinar, Phil Daro and Harold Asturias discuss their report, Branching Out: Designing High School Math Pathways for Equity, newly out from Just Equations. According to Daro and Asturias, math courses need to support students’ transitions to and through college, whether they’re pursuing STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) disciplines or other promising fields like law, politics, design, and the media. Joining Daro and Asturias is math educator Abi Leaf, who shares how Escondido Union High School District implemented such a strategy.


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