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Quantitative literacy is an essential foundation for educational and career success.

Just Equations is re-conceptualizing the role of math in ensuring educational equity.

A growing body of evidence points to the need and potential for redesigned math policies that reduce, rather than reinforce, inequities in K-16 education. At stake is not just math learning, but the broader architecture of opportunity that is shaped by math requirements. When educational requirements are arbitrary, outdated, or unfounded, they create barriers rather than gateways to students’ success.

The foundation for Just Equations was laid over the last five years in a series of reports and related work by founder Pamela Burdman, including:

Our Values

Just Equations is committed to advancing math policies that are:


with measurable metrics for success


to ensure college opportunity for all students


with high-quality pathways leading to college


across educational systems to support successful transitions

Our Work

Just Equations advances evidence-based strategies to ensure that math policies give all students the quantitative foundation they need to succeed in college and beyond.