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Partners sharpen our insights and amplify our impact.

Just Equations is a project of the Opportunity Institute. We partner with research institutes, equity advocates, educators, and other experts in advancing educational equity across the high school-to-college pipeline. Our foundation supporters sustain our work and deepen our roots.

Advisors  (in formation)

Kyndall Brown
California Math Project, UCLA

Phil Daro
SERP Institute, Common Core State Standards

Juana Hernandez

Hal Huntsman
City College of San Francisco

Suyen Machado
Center X, UCLA

Ravin Pan
Sacramento State University

Olga Rodriguez
Public Policy Institute of California

Kimberly Samaniego
Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project, UC San Diego

Kimberly Seashore
San Francisco State University

Bruce Simon
California State University-East Bay

Katherine Stevenson
California State University-Northridge

Myra Snell
California Acceleration Project

Vincent Stewart
California STEM Network, Children Now

Uri Treisman
Charles A. Dana Center, University of Texas-Austin

Andrea Venezia
Sacramento State University