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Getting Rigorous About Mathematical Rigor

What do we mean when we refer to “rigor” in mathematics? The term as it is often used—to stand in for math content that is abstract or abstruse, homework that … More

Reshaping College Admissions for 21st Century Mathematics

As educators redesign math pathways to expand equitable college opportunity, admissions policies can pose unique obstacles. Traditional math requirements have long served as a gatekeeper to selective colleges as well … More

The Psychology Behind the Calculus Behind Psychology

What is it about psychology and math? For years, I’ve been following colleges working to align math requirements with students’ majors. The point is to ensure that students can acquire … More

Is Statistics a Recipe for STEM Success?

We’re basically saying math is a continuum from algebra to calculus …. It’s somewhat arbitrary that we’ve chosen that to be mathematics to represent to students. Why aren’t we doing … More