Minding the Math Gate
April 2019

Minding the Math Gate

Pamela Burdman

California education systems have embarked on numerous reforms intended to expand equitable college opportunity by ensuring that math serves as a foundation, rather than as a filter, in the education system.

Admissions policies pose unique challenges for an equity agenda in California: Since California public universities use selective criteria, admissions is, by definition, a gate-keeping activity. How can we ensure that the way math figures into that process is as equitable as possible?

Minding the Math Gate, a day-long meeting co-hosted by Just Equations and PACE (Policy Analysis for California Education) brought together math educators, equity advocates, and other leaders in education policy and research to jointly consider strategies for ensuring that math course-taking and testing requirements contribute to equitable college access in California.

The discussion built on Just Equations’ report, The Mathematics of Opportunity, to address the role of math in postsecondary admissions. Follow the link below to view some of the findings presented at this important meeting.


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