Anne-Barrie Hunter

Senior Research Associate and Co-Director of Ethnography & Evaluation Research
University of Colorado, Boulder

Anne-Barrie Hunter, CAPS INCLUDES Grant co–principal investigator, is a program manager for the Center for STEM Learning and the co-director and a research associate with Ethnography & Evaluation Research at the University of Colorado Boulder. For more than 25 years, she has sought to improve college science education by conducting qualitative research and evaluation of STEM initiatives. Her 1997 work on the research study by Elaine Seymour and Nancy M. Hewitt produced Talking About Leaving: Why Undergraduates Leave the Sciences and has led, after 20 years of follow-up research, to her 2019 project Talking About Leaving Revisited, which explores contemporary factors affecting students’ decisions to stay in or switch from STEM majors.

Anne-Barrie Hunter

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