Chad Topaz

Professor of Complex Systems
Williams College

Chad Topaz (he/him) is co-founder and executive director of research at the Institute for the Quantitative Study of Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity, and professor of complex systems at Williams College. Topaz is an interdisciplinary data scientist and applied mathematician who uses quantitative tools to mitigate social injustice in the court system, the arts, higher education, the environment, and other spheres. His work has been covered in The Atlantic, The Guardian, Inside Higher Ed, People, Science, Smithsonian Magazine, and more, and his honors include a Kavli Frontiers fellowship from the National Academy of Sciences, a New Directions research professorship from the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications, the Outstanding Paper Award of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, the Rossmann Excellence in Teaching Award from Macalester College, and the Sorgenfrey Distinguished Teaching Award from UCLA.

Chad Topaz

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