Diamon Batts

Former Introduction to Data Science Student

Diamon had challenges with math starting in fifth grade. She found division confusing, especially because the teacher imposed a lot of time limits, which made her feel rushed. She felt she fell through the cracks, and didn’t get the support she needed. She attended Long Beach Polytechnic High School, where she chose IDS for her fourth-year math class. The IDS course allowed her to do the work on her own time and she appreciated the ability to use R-script to find her own mistakes and correct them. Diamon liked the social aspect of the course and because she has more confidence with language, Diamon appreciated solving problems using real-life scenarios where she had an opportunity to communicate about them. Diamon is a first-year student at Cal State-Dominguez Hills, where she is majoring in Psychology, because she likes to help people and appreciates the help she has received from others.

Diamon Batts

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