Luis Leyva

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education
Vanderbilt University

Dr. Leyva is a 2020 Postdoctoral Fellow with the National Academy of Education and Spencer Foundation. He was recently distinguished with the 2021 Faculty/Staff Award for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in Vanderbilt University-Peabody College. Leyva’s contributions to the field of mathematics education have been recognized as a 2019 honoree in Lathisms (an online showcase of Latinx mathematics education researchers, American Mathematical Society & Mathematical Association of America), the recipient of the 2018 Early Career Publication Award from the Research in Mathematics Education special interest group of the American Educational Research Association, and awardee of the 2015 Dissertation Fellowshipfrom the National Academy of Education and Spencer Foundation. Dr. Leyva is the director of the PRISM (Power, Resistance & Identity in STEM Education) Research Lab at Peabody College. The lab’s research serves to hold an “intersectional prism” up to historically marginalized students’ narratives of experience to illuminate and disrupt multidimensional forms of oppression in undergraduate STEM education.

Luis Leyva

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