Mariam Shamon

Undergraduate Student, Department of Civil Engineering
Cuyamaca College

Mariam is a third-year civil engineering student who initially started her college journey as a political science/history major. After taking a statistics class with corequisites, Mariam knew she wanted to continue taking more math classes. This eventually led to a change in her major. Mariam’s college journey means a lot to her and her immediate family because she is the first in her family to pursue a college degree. Up until this semester, Mariam tutored high school students in math. This experience resonated with her because she saw herself in a lot of the students. Their experiences parallel Mariam’s when she was in high school. Since July of this year, Mariam has had an internship at Caltrans’ District 11 under Maintenance Engineering. Her internship has further cemented her desire to become a civil engineer.

Mariam Shamon

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