Ramona I. Coates

Lecturer and Co-Creator of Statistics For Social Justice, Metro College Success Program
Center for Science and Mathematics Education, California State University, San Francisco

Dr. Ramona I. Coates has been a sociologist for 25 years and has taught statistics as a graduate student teaching assistant at Cal State University at Fullerton and Wayne State University and as lecturer at City College of San Francisco (CCSF) and San Francisco State University (SFSU). Dr. Coates has presented several research papers at state, national, and international conferences; served on K-12 district level committees and tasks forces; facilitated workshops and professional development sessions on effective communication, racial microaggressions, best practices in teaching using social justice pedagogy and a college plenary keynote address in fostering an antiracist, equity-minded and inclusive campus to close student equity gap. Currently, she teaches one of two statistics for social justice courses she co-created, Algebra, Statistics for Social Justice, for the Metro College Success Program at SFSU and two introduction to statistics for behavioral sciences courses for online at CCSF.

Ramona I. Coates

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