Savita Malik

Director of Curriculum and Faculty Development, Metro College Success Program
Center for Science and Mathematics Education, California State University, San Francisco

Savita Malik has been involved in education for the past twenty years. She is a founder of the Metro program and sits on the leadership team, responsible for making decisions about the program and interfaces with campus leadership, faculty and staff. As the Director of Curriculum and Faculty Development for the Metro College Success Program she has a deep belief in the power of transforming faculty teaching through critical pedagogical principles and has a passion for the intersections between education equity and health equity. Her approach to faculty development is collaborative, builds community and challenges folks to examine hidden biases. She works closely with faculty to deconstruct white supremacy, patriarchy and colonialism within the context of higher education institutions. She is an accomplished curriculum writer, developing over 10 courses in her tenure at SF State, all which have a foundation in social justice. She works with faculty in multiple disciplines including science, math, ethnic studies, communications, English and public health.

Savita Malik

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