March 2, 2022
Conference Session

College Math Corequisites: Challenges and Opportunities

Colleges and universities around the country are implementing corequisites, strategies that allow students who traditionally would have been assigned to remedial math courses to instead take college-level courses with concurrent or just-in-time support. Research suggests that corequisite support leads to greater success in math sequences for historically excluded and underserved students. In this deep-dive session, state and institutional leaders from around the country reflect on the implementation strategies that have led to that success, sharing concrete lessons from their specific contexts. They will also highlight ways of tackling the ongoing challenges of implementing corequisites, including building buy-in and support among faculty, promoting student awareness of the benefits of corequisites, and ensuring equitable access and success across a range of math pathways aligned with student aspirations.

This session is co-sponsored by Complete College America and Strong Start to Finish.

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