March 1, 2022
Conference Session

Welcome From Just Equations and Keynote Address

Just Equations Executive Director Pamela Burdman will open the fourth annual Mathematics of Opportunity conference and introduce Talithia Williams, who will give the keynote address, "Power in Numbers: Unveiling Hidden Figures." The movie “Hidden Figures” brought visibility to the lives of African American women who served as NASA “human computers” in the 1960s, women who dreamed the impossible in a field where their presence was lacking. Meeting the demands of a 21st century STEM workforce requires that we look beyond traditional talent pools to recruit and train individuals typically underrepresented in math. During this talk, Talithia will discuss her personal journey as a woman of color in mathematics and share ways in which we can excite public interest in the mathematical sciences, building upon the rich legacy of diverse mathematical scientists who have come before us.

This session is co-sponsored by The Education Trust.

The full conference program can be found below.

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