February 2, 2021
Conference Session

Math and Its Aftermath: Reimagining Data for Justice

To claim a role for equity in math education requires examining what happens in its wake. Students leave math classrooms and enter careers and communities where their prior math experiences influence the opportunities they can pursue. At the same time, the algorithms they learn are deployed in ways that have profound implications for social justice. Just Equations Executive Director Pamela Burdman introduces the conference and this opening session which inquires into the perils and possibilities of math education in a digital age. In the first half, Princeton University professor Ruha Benjamin speaks about Innovation, Race, and Imagination in the Data Age. Then, in Student Voices: The Promise of Data Science Education, former data science students reflect on their experiences, in conversation with Viviann Anguiano of the Center for American Progress.

There is no description of this conference session. If you'd like more information please contact us at info@justequations.org.

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