October 2023

How Math Educators Can Increase Equity In College Access

MAA Blog, Math Values
How Math Educators Can Increase Equity In College Access

Shakiyya Bland, Just Equations’ math educator-in-residence, writing for the Mathematical Association of America’s Math Values blog, shared insights on the importance of transparency and equity when it comes to ensuring college access for underrepresented students.

Decisions that happen in higher education have a pronounced effect on high school students’ math opportunities and access to college. The more aware that math faculty are of this influence, the more they can contribute to making the pathways to college more accessible. 

In the wake of the Supreme Court's recent decision to eliminate race-conscious admission policies, equitable access to high school math courses takes on added importance. High school students need access to accurate and complete information regarding the college admissions process and which high-level math courses will best prepare them for their degree program, but not all receive it. 

The journey to college involves not just students and their families, but also college admissions officers and math educators. Every student deserves every chance to succeed. But too many are left behind.

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