June 2022

“Who Gets To Learn Are the People With the Opportunity.”: Equity in Data Science Education

Data Science Academy
“Who Gets To Learn Are the People With the Opportunity.”: Equity in Data Science Education

Lecturer and supervisor of secondary mathematics at the University of California, San Diego, Erica Heinzman authors a post on Just Equations’ 2022 The Mathematics of Opportunity conference session “Centering Equity in Data Science Education.” Heinzman notes that the session brought together students, instructors, researchers, and textbook authors to illuminate the viability of data science pathways for students and evince the integral importance of equity, community, and accessibility in data science curricula.

In March, Rachel Levy, Executive Director of the NC State Data Science Academy, moderated a panel focused on a core data science challenge: centering equity in data science education.

Who gets to learn data science and who gets to decide who learns data science were key questions for the panel, part of a March conference hosted by Just Equations.

Panelist William Murphy, a sophomore philosophy major at Morehouse College, made a passionate call to expand access to data science education.

“There are a number of factors of who gets to learn data science and I can attest to that. In high school, I didn’t know what data science was…who gets to learn are the people with the opportunity,” he said.

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